IPE / Amstelveen / 28 November 2017

International Position Evaluation (IPE) is relevant for organisations wanting to use a single methodology to classify roles across geographies and reference local pay data.

The course aims to address the increasing needs of Mercer clients regarding IPE transfer of know-how and support. It also provides other HR professionals and managers with the chance to explore new, more streamlined ways of job evaluation as to establish and maintaining job structures.

The course facilitators will examine the IPE factors and process in detail, but also demonstrate how IPE links to key HR decisions in the areas of:

  • reward management,
  • career management and competencies and
  • organisational design and effectiveness.

Designed for:

The course is addressed to both managers and specialists interested in reward, talent management and organisational effectiveness.
To be eligible to use the IPE system and undertake training in the evaluation tools, an organisation must be a licensed user of the system.

Learning objectives:

  • Applying the IPE system; understanding the role of job evaluation in a boarder HR context; understanding the theory and appropriate practical application of the IPE system.

Each participant will receive a copy of the "International Position Evaluation" handbook.

Price: €850 plus VAT per participant