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Gandhi famously said: “you must be the change you wish to see in the world”. Come and be inspired by four speakers who epitomize that challenger attitude, and who have made making change happen their modus operandi..

Charles Schwab believes in the power of asking questions, of yourself, of others and of life, to help transform your life, and the lives and fortunes of those around you. It is with this lens on the world that we are hosting our bi-annual Challenge Conventions, showcasing some of the best and most insightful Change Makers in business, philanthropy, coaching and thinking today.

Change Makers

Uli Becker, ex-President & CEO of Reebok

  • Driven by his passion for sports, Uli has spent the bulk of his career at adidas® (parent company to Reebok). He was challenged to save Reebok from near extinction and succeeded. Leveraging that experience, he now works with smaller brands and individuals with the hopes of changing the way we conduct business.

Lisen Stromberg, Author of the best seller ‘Work. Pause. Thrive’.

  • As a successful advertising executive Lisen noticed the disproportionately small number of women in senior positions in the industry. So, like all change-makers, she acted, co-founding the 3% movement. Lisen is an acclaimed speaker, author and activist dedicated to improving the American workplace for everyone.

Wei-Tai Kwok, Volunteer Climate Reality Leader

  • Do you ever get angry about how slowly world leaders have reacted to the climate crisis? Wei-Tai got fed up and took matters into his own hands when he quit his position as an Internet marketing pioneer to try to become part of the solution. Listen to his story of career change and how he went from despair to hope.

Constance Heldman, National Trustee for Boys & Girls Club of America

  • Constance knows no end in sight when it comes to improving the lives of others. She began by simply funding a need she saw in her community for less advantaged children to creating a nationally adopted literacy program to helping dozens of youth graduate college, whom she now calls "her kids".
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